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Funding Christ’s Church/Kingdom Advance Through Prayer

In God’s sovereign mercy and grace I have become acquainted with many leaders of Christ’s church, leaders of what we used to call para church ministries, missionaries, etc., all over the world over these last 47 years or so. One thing I've discovered most of us have in common besides our faith in Christ is our need for more funds or provision for our ministries.

It should be noted that when Revival breaks out, or when there is an all out move of God, or when Christ’s church operates as it is supposed to operate such as we see in the church in Jerusalem in the book of Acts, the need for funds dissipates and abundance is the rule of the day. A few examples of that are:

- Moses had to command the people of Israel to stop bringing offerings because of over abundance – Exodus 36:3-7

- The height of Hezekiah’s reign over God’s people – II Chronicles 31:7-10

- The height of King Solomon’s reign over God’s people – I Kings 8:62-66;

- The church in Jerusalem – Acts 2: 44,45 & 4:32-35

Perhaps some of you are experiencing some level of revival or a move of God. Praise God for those of you who have no need and even have an abundance. Praise God for those of you who have enough mature disciples of Jesus in your congregations or on your support teams that you are able to meet and even surpass your financial/budgetary goals.

But for those of us who are not yet experiencing such, the million dollar question often is what can we do about our financial need that is not manipulative, not fleshly or carnal, and is pleasing to God and will in time bear much fruit?

Some years ago after I had pastored our church enough years and gotten to know our people/church members and other believers in this region, I realized for new believers from non Christian backgrounds or even older believers from non Christian backgrounds - learning to give generously by the leading and empowerment of the Holy Spirit as a lifestyle is a huge mountain to climb. I discovered over time that when a person spends the first 20 years or more of their life with parents or a parent who do not know God as a good Father and faithful provider, significant damage to their spirit and soul is the norm. Overcoming fear of lack, a poverty spirit, unbelief, coveting, entitlement and a host of other sins is often a great battle for these folks.

So I developed a strategic prayer tool that I’ve tried to pray for our congregation every week since then. Perhaps this simple tool could be of use to you? If so, here are the requests (below) I pray through most weeks for our congregation. (By the way, lest money and financial provision become more on my radar than it needs to be, I pray through a portion of our church directory every day except my day off and I pray through every recorded prayer of Jesus and the apostle Paul and the apostle John for these members and their families. I also pray for other Christlike qualities for them as well at that time. If you want to use that prayer tool, you can find it here:

Strategic Prayer Request for God’s People to Become Like Christ in their Giving and Management of God’s Resources

- That every member would be gainfully employed and find creative ways to make money

- That every member would grow daily in their experiential knowledge of God as their good generous Father and provider

- That every member would learn to give consistently, sacrificially, joyfully, obediently and generously

- That God would put our church/ministry on the hearts of those outside our church, who could help meet our financial material needs

- That monies that are owed our people would be paid in full.

- That our members who own their businesses would gain new clients, and in general would have favor with those whom they deal with

- That the children of our adult members would be industrious, find ways to make money, and would learn to give out of their increase as a lifestyle.

- That people in our region who are supposed to be a part of us and are not yet – would make the plunge.

- That our leaders and mature disciples would grow in grace and effectiveness in discipling and mentoring our younger believers in all things financial.

- That greed, covetousness, hoarding, fear of lack and fear of poverty, love of money, unbelief, etc., would be broken off of all of us.

- That those of us who have experienced times of great lack/poverty, would be healed of the trauma surrounding those times.

- That our people who are in debt would want to get out of debt God’s way instead of taking it into their own hands. That they would seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness, knowing and trusting God to show them the way out of debt.

- That our members with means would learn to hear and heed God’s voice for how He might want them to help meet the needs of our needier members.

- That we would all grow more thankful and grateful for all that He is to us and all that we do have. That all entitlement would be broken off of us.

- That our people who have sown to the flesh for years in terms of finances and giving would learn to seek God for cleansing from the ensuing or resulting corruption.

- That our people would resist hasty and impulsive and selfish spending.

- That we would obey the Holy Spirit when He tells us to give to a specific project or need.

- That couples and families would be more united in their giving.

- That we can all make good and wise decisions re: all the stuff of life like: insurance; car maintenance and purchases; refi’s; home projects/maintenance; job changes; purchase of homes; taking care of parents; investments, etc.

- That God will give wisdom and protection to those who prepare out taxes, audit/do our books; manage our financial portfolios, etc.

- That God will do miracles with situations/challenges where there seem to be no solutions or wherein we have lost hope.

- That the Holy Spirit would pour out gifts of giving on our congregation or friends of our congregation/ministry.

- That we would all have God’s heart for the poor and minister to them as a lifestyle per His leading.

- That God would help we parents adequately plan for our children and grandchildren’s needs and for our needs once we are no longer able to work.

For those of you who lead ministries, may the Lord give you grace to stand in the gap for those in your congregation or on your mailing list until Christ is formed in each of them for His glory. And may He provide for your every need in Jesus’s name. Amen!

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