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God at Work

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

INTRODUCTION – God has revealed Himself, and Jesus especially revealed God as a God who is living and active and always working. This study is designed to both convince us of that and then show us what to do about it. Sadly while many of us would identify ourselves as evangelicals, in our daily experience and expectation we function more as Deists. That is – we say we believe in the God the Bible reveals, but we rarely expect to see Him working in our daily lives and circumstances. Much less do we regularly speak of His working in our lives and circumstances and spheres of influence. In these last days, the Holy Spirit is going to turn this around I do believe.

The occasion of or motivation to put this study together came last week when I had the opportunity to teach our elementary Children’s church class, and also when I had the opportunity to preach/teach at “The Gathering Place” in Morro Bay last Saturday night due to my pastor friend’s health challenges late in the week.

We must know God as a God who is always working – John 5:17, 20;

We must behold, meditate on & study the works of God – Psalm 8:3; 46:8, 66:5, 77: 12; 111:2; 143:5; 145:5; Ecclesiastes 7:13;

It is the recalling of the God’s works of deliverance that give us hope for our own deliverance. Psalm 74:12 (see whole chapter as context)

It is the forgetting of the works of God that leads to rebellion. Psalm 78:7 (see vs. 8-20); Psalm 106:13 (see context); Hebrews 3:9;

We must declare or tell of the works of God – Psalm 64:9; 73:28, 75:1, 78:4, 107:22, 118:17,

We must declare them to the next generation – Judges 2:10; Psalm 44:1; Psa. 78:4, Psa. 145:4,

We must sing to, give thanks to, bless and praise God for His awesome works – Psalm 66:3; 92:4; 103:22; 107:22; 145:10; Daniel 4:37;

We must know God as a God who routinely works miracles, signs and wonders – Exodus 15:11; Exodus 34:10; Deuteronomy 11:7, Job 9:10; Psalm 72:18; 77:14; 86:8-10; Isa. 25:1; Galatians 3:5;

We should pray for the supernatural ability to see God’s working – Psalm 90:16;

God allows or ordains broken or sinful or demonized things in the earth so that He might be glorified through His works to heal, deliver and undo what the devil or sin has done. John 9:3

God’s work is perfect – Deut. 32:4

God’s work is done in faithfulness – Psalm 33:4; 111:7;

God’s works are great – Psalm 92:5; 111:2; Revelation 15:3

God’s works are wonderful – Psalm 139:14; Revelation 15:3

God’s works are based in truth/reflect truth – Daniel 4:37

God’s work is splendid and majestic – Psalm 111:3

God’s work is extraordinary – Isa. 28:21; Deut. 3:24; 11:3 & 7;

God’s role in creating the universe was “hands” on – Psalm 8:3; Psalm 19:1; 102:25; Hebrews 1:10;

God is constantly at work in His sons and daughters. – Romans 8:28; I Corinthians 12:6,11; Ephesians 1:11, 2:10, 3:20; Philippians 1:6, 2:13; Col. 1:29; I Thessalonians 2:13; Hebrews 13:21; I Peter 1:2

The earth is satisfied or it could be said the earth functions and thrives because of all of God’s working in things like providing rain and sun, etc. Psalm 104:13, 24

God judges those (individuals and nations) who see or know of His work but do not learn from them/ do not trust Him or believe in Him, and do not regard them. Psalm 28:5, 78:32,33; 95:9-11; 106:13-15; Isa. 5:12; Jeremiah 25:29; 50:25; 51:10 (see context); John 15:24; Acts 13:41

God has more work to do in Israel & Jerusalem before Jesus returns – Isa. 10:12; 29:23; 45:11; 60:21;

God’s name and glory among the nations are tied up in His finishing the work He has begun in us and thus is our leg to stand on in crying out for His mercy. Psalm 138:8c; 145:9; Isa. 64:8 (see whole chapter); Habakkuk 3:2;

God has more work to do in and through the nations of Egypt and Assyria before Jesus returns – Isa. 19:24, 25

Jesus lived to do or accomplish the works of His/the Father – John 4:34, 5:36; 9:3,4; 10:25; 10:32; 10:37;

The works Jesus did as we ponder them should cause faith in His deity and unity with the Father. John 10:25, 37, 38; 14:10, 11;

Jesus promised that we will do His works on the earth and even greater works as we learn to believe/trust in Him. John 14:12

God has called us into partnership in ruling or managing His works on the earth – Psalm 8:6; Hebrews 2:7;

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