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Healing in the Book of Acts

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

1. Scenario: Many wonders & signs taking place: Passage Acts 2:43; Categories: scope of healing ministry; through the apostles

2. Scenario: lame man healed; Passage: 3:1-4:4; Categories: initiated by Peter; in Jesus’s name; commanded to walk; result = healed man overjoyed, crowds amazed; opportunity to preach; many believed

3. Scenario: church prayed for; Passage: 4:29,30; Categories: asked 4 things: 1. to be able to proclaim gospel w/all confidence; 2. God extend His hand to heal; 3.signs & wonders be poured out through the name of Jesus; 4. God take note of threats of enemies.

4. Scenario: signs & wonders being poured out; many healings; Passage: 5:12-16; Categories: scope of signs & wonders; result = many new believers; brought by others; unclean spirits

5. Scenario: Stephen performing great wonders & signs: Passage: 6:8; Categories:was not an apostle; full of grace and power

6. Scenario: Phillip – signs & wonders, healing, great miracles: Passage: 8:5-13; Categories: not an apostle; result=multitudes attentive; unclean spirits; result= much rejoicing;

7. Scenario: Ananias healed Saul; Passage: 9:10-19; Categories: God spoke in vision; laying on of hands; result= Saul regained sight & filled with H.S..

8. Scenario: Peter healed Aeneas; Passage: 9:32-35; Categories: initiated by Peter; “Jesus Christ heals you”; commanded to arise; result = he arose & “all” turned to Lord.

9. Scenario: Tabitha healed & raised from dead by Peter: Passage: 9:36-43; Categories: Peter summoned by others; Peter sent them out, prayed, then commanded to arise; result=Tabitha raised, many believed in the Lord. Godly woman.

10. Scenario: Statement about Jesus of Nazareth; Passage: 10:38; Categories: healed all who were oppressed by the devil via God the Father’s annointing with H.S. & power;”God with Him”

11. Scenario: Bar-Jesus the Magician blinded: Passage: 13:4-12; Categories: Paul filled w/ H.S.; declared the Lord was blinding him for a time; result proconsul believed.

12. Scenario: Paul & Barnabas in Iconic; Passage: 14:3; Categories: speaking boldly w/reliance upon the Lord; God granted signs & wonders be done by their hands.

13. Scenario: lame man healed; Passage: 14:8-18; Categories: Paul fixed gaze; saw faith; commanded “stand upright on your feet”; result: he leaped/walked; result= multitudes drawn; opportunity to preach gospel.

14. Scenario: Paul stoned & dragged; Passage: 14:19,20; Categories:feared dead; while apostles stood around him – he arose & seemed fine; did they pray for him?

15. Scenario: Amazing healing ministry of Paul & failure of Jewish exorcists; Passage: 19:8-20; Categories: God performing miracles by Paul’s hands; diseases & evil spirits; fear, Lord Jesus magnified, true repentance; word of the Lord growing/prevailing.

16. Scenario: boy fell out of window dead; Passage: 20:7-12; Categories: Paul fell on/embraced him; told people not to be troubled – is alive.

17. Scenario: viper bit Paul on hand: Passage: 28:1-6; Categories:Paul shook viper off in fire; suffered no harm; normally would have swelled up & died; result =they decided he must be a god.

18. Scenario: father of Publius very sick; Passage: 28:7-10; Categories: Paul initiated seeing him; prayed; laid his hands on him and healed him; result = rest of people came to be healed of their diseases and were healed.

LISTING OF CATEGORIES FOR HEALINGS/SIGNS & WONDERS IN ACTS 1. result of healing/signs & wonders= crowds drawn/amazed/awed/fear; news spread – #2, 6, 13, 15, 17, 18 2. initiated by apostles/disciples – #2, 8, 18, 3. emphasis on God initiating – #7, 15, 4. brought to apostles/disciples by others or summoned -#4, 9, 5. unclean/evil spirits cast out along with healing -#4, 6, 15, 6. result = healed person saved -#2?, 7. result = family or friends of healed person saved – 8. result = crowds/townspeople saved – # 2,4,8,9, 9. healer prayed before healing – #9, 18, 10. healer commanded the healing w/o praying first – #2, 8, 13, 11. healer layed hands on person healed – #7,18, 12. result = opportunity to preach or word of God growing – #2, 13, 15, 13. healings/signs & wonders by non apostles – #5, 6, 7, 14. healings/signs & wonders by apostles – #1, 4, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15. healer said “in Jesus name” etc., when commanding healing – #2, 8, 16. example of godly person who is sick/dies – #9, 17. faith of the healed person stimulated the healer to heal – #13, 18. result = God glorified/magnified by healing – #15, 19. result = true repentance/change took place – #15,

PRINCIPLES 1. Healings, signs & wonders are great door openers for the gospel to be preached (1.) 2. Healings, signs & wonders often lead to many coming to Christ. (8.) 3. The ministry of healing is not just for apostles (13.) 4. When carrying out the ministry of healing we must be alert to demonic influence. (5.) 5. There is no formula for healing people. 6. The healing ministry of Jesus continues through His willing and alert servants.

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