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Latest non published letter to area newspapers re: Abortion

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Feb. 7, 2012

This was a letter I sent to the Tribune, New Times and Bay News on Monday Jan. 23rd. None of them published it as of today = Feb. 7th – my 31st wedding anniversary. (The New Times & Bay News both published this letter on Feb. 9th).

You could have heard a pin drop….I asked the ladies in our congregation yesterday (Jan. 22) if they would be willing to share why they are pro-life; and why we should protect the unborn and discourage abortion. No one knew this was coming, and no one knew what to expect.

One shared out of her years of experience working in a crisis pregnancy center of the great need for education for these (mostly young) pregnant and scared ladies. Few knew of the remarkable formation of a distinct human being – – even in its first month in its mother’s womb.

One spoke of her gratitude towards her mother, who though pregnant outside of wedlock with her at 16 years old, (50+ yrs. ago), chose not to abort. And how because of that she was able to not only live, but have two daughters of her own, one of whom has already brought three wonderful grandchildren into her life.

One spoke of the pain and grief she has experienced because she did abort a child out of her fear and panic, and the lack of support of a husband; and yet the forgiveness of God as she turned to Him in later years.

One older lady spoke of how she had tried to abort her first daughter by drinking quinine from a drug store, but by God’s mercy, it didn’t take, and her daughter thrives to this day.

One lady spoke of the day as a student nurse, she was asked to help with an abortion. She had no idea that she would see recognizable body parts being sucked down a tube, at the same time hearing in the next room – a baby crying as it was delivered to its waiting mother. Horrified at the experience she vowed she would never aid in the taking of a baby’s life again.

One spoke of how she was advised by the doctor doing her ultrasound that she should abort her child because this, her third son, would be born prematurely, if he even made it that far; and that he would probably be disabled or disfigured. She listened to her conscience instead, and he is a healthy happy eighth grader today.

Abortion is a terribly complicated and intensely emotional issue. The worst thing we can do is not talk about it. May our community be one where it is safe to get this issue out in the open; and where women who refuse to deny their baby the right to live get our full support in the birthing and raising of that baby.

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