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Seeing the Unseen in CA

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

While there have been at least a couple of times in CA history where great moves of God here powerfully affected our nation and the nations (i.e. Azusa Street revival 1906-1915 & Jesus Movement in the 70’s), most of the time in between our influence for godlessness and lawlessness has been more noteable or more visible, and thus a source of great dismay to many on the outside looking in, and to some of us on the inside.

I want to say this morning that things are not always as they seem. Much more is going on for the kingdom of Christ in this State than is readily evident. And I have every reason to believe it is going to continue and increase. For instance:

– the recently concluded “40 Days for Life” had huge success in many cities across California, and Planned Parenthood clinics are reeling , and abortions are significantly decreased as a result, as are common misconceptions about the pro life movement. See for more info.

– Last Sunday Anne and I and another couple in our fellowship went to a popular hamburger joint for lunch, and probably 30 twenty somethings (mostly Hispanic and Asian) came about the same time. Turned out they were all from a new church plant called “Vista” in San Luis Obispo, and almost all Cal Poly students. Vista is just one of many churches on the Central Coast that have large numbers of Cal Poly students seeking to follow Jesus (in contrast to the students on the news protesting and destroying property, etc).

– Last night Anne and I joined perhaps 200 others (mostly 20 or 30 somethings) at the San Luis Vets Hall for a night of worship and prayer, where many different churches were represented with a single heart to see revival and awakening break out on the Central Coast of CA.

– We personally know godly and strongly anointed young men and women throughout our state who are seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness and who are influencing others to do the same – even in places like inner city L.A.

I don’t know how all those people last night voted and don’t want to know. But it is clear they know what really matters, and what disciples of Jesus ought to be about in these last days. (sorry at the quality of my picture on our Facebook page. Some day I will learn how to use my I phone more effectively).

For those of you on the outside of CA, we would urge that you find other sources of news besides the normal sources – – as the most significant things going on in CA are sadly under the radar. I will do my best to report on them from time to time through this blog.

Finally please pray for us to have eyes to see the harvest in our cities, and to see our neighbors, classmates, co-workers, etc., in CA through the eyes of Jesus and not according to their political persuasions. Pray also that we will remember that “our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but against the rulers, abasing the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Eph. 6:12)

Thanks for your time and prayers.

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