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Learning from God’s Dealings with Abraham and Sarah

Last Sunday (4/3/22) I preached a sermon entitled, “Learning from God’s Dealings with Abraham and Sarah” from a review of Gen. 12-20 & a short exposition of Genesis 21. Typically when I preach these days I try to type out a manuscript for several reasons: 1. To cut down on rabbit trails and length of sermon. 2. To be able to post it on Kingdomstreams. 3. To help work at clarity. But this time I sensed the Lord did not want me to do that. As a result it is longer than it should have been, and I am very aware of things that were omitted or not clear, etc. But by God's grace, He seems to have used it based on many comments I have received. I do think it is a necessary word for married couples in these days who want to be used in His kingdom, or even those preparing for marriage or wanting some day to be married. So if you have 48 minutes (groan) to watch it, you can find it at: God bless you richly today!

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