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Lessons from Jesus’s Ministry Beginnings Matthew 4:12-25

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

April 22, 2207

I. The Beginning of Jesus’s Ministry vs. 12-17

Review: Why left Nazareth? Their unbelief led to the fulfillment of prophecy – – We must trust in God’s sovereignty and ability to fulfill His purposes even when people disappoint us and resist us.

Difference between Matt. 4:11 & Mark 11:9,10

Message Trans. = “Change your life. God’s kingdom is here.”

II. Calling of the First Disciples vs. 18-22

The Call for people to follow Him implies what about Him?? He is living, He leads, He is sovereign, He is preiminent,

A. Who He called vs. 18,21 1. 4 fishermen 2. 2 sets of brothers

What does this tell you about the way the Lord tends to work in calling people to Himself? Three implications:

1. I Cor. 1:26-31 if you are successful in the world’s eyes, you need to know God doesn’t need your success, notoriety, talents, or education. Now He doesn’t waste anything you have learned as far as skills and knowledge go. But He didn’t call you because you had attained those things, and He really needed your help in His fledgling public relations department.

2. if you are not successful in the world’s eyes, you need to know God isn’t hindered by that.

3. there is a deep rooted commitment to one another in blood lines that once refined and purified by Jesus – can result in a fortifying dynamic in His kingdom work.

B. Why He called them (purpose of) vs. 19 Other scriptures that back up this purpose of our calling?

C. Their Response to His call vs. 20

Prayer: Disciples in our region more humble, more aware of His sovereign grace in choosing us. Disciples in our region more purpose driven. More bold and focused on winning the lost. Families purified and refined so that they can fulfill their God given destiny together.

Role of regional home groups?

III. Jesus’s Ministry in Galilee vs. 23-25

A. Where He ministered vs. 23a

B. How He ministered vs. 23b

1. Teaching (explaining)

2. Proclaiming (declaring) (difference between teaching and proclaiming?) What proclaimed? “The gospel of the kingdom” Define??

3. Healing (demonstrating)

C. The Response to His Ministry vs. 24,25

Prayer: Our ministry would more closely resemble His = “going throughout” – reaching every man, woman, young person and child, by teaching, proclaiming, healing Response greater – crowds.

Role of regional homegroups?

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