Prayer in the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

October 16, 2004 I. His Example A. Events of momentous decision in His life/ministry: His baptism – Luke 3:21; Before He started His ministry – Matt. 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-12; When being distracted from His mission – Mark 1:35-38; Selection of 12 – Luke 6:12; Mount of Transfiguration – Luke 9:29; Last Supper – Matt. 26:27; Gethsemane – Luke 22:39-46; on the cross – Luke 23:46.

B. Ministry to the 12: Their confession of His Messiahship – Luke 9:18; Their report of their mission – Luke 10:21,22; Teaching the model prayer – Luke 11:1f; Great high priestly prayer before Gethsemane – John 17:6-19; Loving concern for Peter – Luke 22:32;

C. Before Eating: Before feeding of 5,000 – Matt. 14:19, Mark 6:41, Luke 9:16, John 6:11; With Emmaus road 2 disciples – Luke 24:30;

D. Before or After Great Miracles: After healing & deliverance ministry – Mark 1:35; Before feeding of 5,000 – Matt. 14:19, Mark 6:41, Luke 9:16, John 6:11; Before feeding of 4,000 – Matt. 15:36, Mark 8:6; Before healing of deaf-mute man – Mark 7:34; Before raising Lazarus from the dead – John 11:41; After healings & great responses of crowds – Luke 5:16; After feeding of 5,000 – Matt. 14:23, Mark 6:46;

E. For the lost, oppressed, & His enemies: Blessing the children – Mark 10:14-16; For those who crucified Him – Luke 23:34;

F. In light of coming suffering: While talking to Greeks & His disciples -John 12:27,28; In Gethsemane – Matthew 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-42; Luke 22:39-46;

G. When Tragedy Struck: Matt. 14:13;

II. His Teaching: A. The Lord’s/Disciple’s or Model Prayer – Matt. 6:9-13, Luke 11:1-4;

B. On Praying in Secret & in Simplicity – Matt. 6:5-8

C. On Praying for your enemies – Luke 6:28

D. On Praying with Persistence – Matt. 7:7,8; Luke 18:1-8

E. On Praying with Humility/Brokenness – Luke 18:9-14

F. On How Not to Pray – Luke 20:46,47

G. On Praying in Light of Coming Persecution/Suffering – Matt. 26:41; Luke 21:36

H. On the Power of Agreeing in Prayer – Matthew 18:19,20

I. On Praying with Fasting – Matthew 6:16-18

J. On Praying in Jesus’s Name and the Joy that Follows – John 16:23,2

K. On the Role of Faith in Praying Effectively – Matt. 21:21,22

L. On the Role of Abiding and Receiving – John 15:7

M. On the Role of Prayer and Fruit Bearing – John 15:16

III. Application: A. What attitudes, actions, habits do I need to develop/change as a result of this study?

B. How am I going to do that given how hard new habits are to start and old ones are to break?

C. What kind of help and/or accountability do I need to do that?

D. When is the last time I read a stimulating book on prayer?

E. What is God’s desire for my prayer life? What is he asking me to do?

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