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Resources for a Healthy God pleasing Marriage

I hope this finds you well, having had a Thankful Thanksgiving, and looking forward to the opportunities for worship and witness December brings.

Over these last 43 or so years of ministry we’ve come to the conclusion that marriage is one of the most brilliant inventions God ever devised. And therefore it is also one of Satan and his demons’ primary targets for destruction. We’ve also discovered that this world system that the devil rules is no friend to the health and wholeness of our marriages.

If and when you might be looking for some tools and resources for your own marriage or for someone else’s, we know it could be a bit daunting to wade through the 479 posts on Kingdomstreams to find such. So over the last week or so I’ve been trying to put all or at least most of the KS posts having to do with marriage on one document with links for easier navigation and use.

If the Lord were to use one or more of these posts in your marriage or in the marriage of someone you care about, that would be a great encouragement to us.

So to that end, we submit these to you. May the Holy Spirit give all of us married folk an ever greater capacity by His grace to experience all He has intended for us.

Love in Christ,

Randy & Anne

All Kingdom Streams Posts Re: Marriage

3/27/23 (I placed this post here even though it should be towards the end of this page because it further expounds the outline and the concepts in the post above).

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